Our wines are made from the finest fruits grown in the heart of Michigan!

With a variety of flavors and styles, these International Award-winning wines are a must try. See our “Messages” page for an update on hours of operation and contact to purchase outside regular business hours.

Plan your tasting keeping in mind quantity discount breaks (mix and match):

  • 4 bottles – get $7 off the total bottle purchase
  • 8 bottles – get $18 off the total bottle purchase
  • 12 bottles (1 case) – get $50 off the case price
  • Multiple cases – get $55 off each case

Wine & Price at-a-glance: Scroll down to find your wine bottle with price.

Pinot Grigio: You’ll find this white wine to be dry, crisp and fruity in the classic Italian style. Enjoy with seafood & poultry. International award winning. 750ml. $18

Chardonnay: Try the newest NO OAK style of Chardonnay. Taste the dry, crisp citrus flavor of the grape. Enjoy with seafood & poultry. Award winning. 750ml. $18

Riesling: Nicely balanced with crisp acidity. Semi-dry in the traditional Riesling style (not to be confused with sweet late-harvest Riesling). Enjoy with fish, chicken & pork. International award winning. 750ml. $18
Demi-Sec or “medium dry”. This wine is made in the German style with a blend of Vidal, Riesling & Vignoles. Light and refreshing for summer satisfying many palates. A great gift. 2017 international award winning. 750ml. $17
A nice blend of white grapes results in this dry yet fruity white grape wine. It’s refreshing! Pairs well with chicken and fish. About “SISU”: It is a Finnish Language concept all about strength and determination and very “Yooper”. Take this wine home for a treat and a reminder of your trip to the U.P. New menu addition 2022. 750ml. $18.
Smashing Reed: Smooth and fruity dry red, Blend of Chambourcin and Cab. Pairs nicely with beef. International award winning. 750ml. $18
Our Cab is made from grapes from California (the only non-regional grapes we use) for that robust Cab you love. 750 ml $22.
Cheesehead Red: Sweet, “grapy” concord grape wine. Great “starter red” for those wishing to drink red but usually find it too dry. Pairs well with pasta dishes and cheese. 750ml. $17 NOTE: for those who are looking for a more “Yooper” version of cheesehead, get this same wine with the “SISU RED” label.
SISU is a Finnish concept and very “Yooper”. Our SISU red is “grapy” concord grape wine. Great “starter red” for those wishing to drink red but usually find it too dry. Pairs well with pasta dishes and cheese. (this is the same wine as Cheesehead Red, but a label design people who wish to take home a more Yooper theme label can choose. Not all Yoopers are “Cheeseheads”…..) 750ml. $17
Marquette: Sweet red wine from the Marquette grape grown in the Michigan. Photograph on the label by Duane Clausen of the Marquette lighthouse with northern lights. International award winning. 750ml. $17
Light Keeper’s Ice Wine: VERY SWEET dessert wine!! A special treat made from grapes frozen on the vine for ultimate natural sweetness. Dessert by itself or with cheesecake. International ward winning. A great bargain at $25! 375ml
Lights Out Blackberry: 100% blackberry made the old fashioned way — with a lot of berries and a lot of alcohol (18%)! Take it easy or it’ll be lights out! Great after-dinner or to mix. International award winning 2017. 375ml. $15
Yooper Stooper: Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry fermented together for a fruity high alcohol (19%) “punch”. Enjoy after dinner, before bed or blended. International award winning. 375ml. $15
Yooper Blue Blueberry: 100% sweet blueberry wine fermented to a high alcohol (18%) content. International award winning. 375ml. $15
100% raspberry fruit wine, 18% alc. content. Very Raspberry with a RUSH! New raspberry wine in 2022. 375ml. $15.
Strawberry: 100% Michigan strawberries with the sweetness you’d expect from a ripe strawberry. International award winning. 750ml. $17
Strawberry Rhubarb: 100% fruit wine balanced with strawberry and rhubarb. Unique treat! International award winning & Double Gold in 2018. 750ml. $17
Plum: Finally a sweet plum wine! Traditional paring with Asian cuisine. International award winning, Double Gold in 2018 and Best Fruit Wine in the Michigan Wine And Spirits Competition 2019. 500ml. $15

Cherry Cherry Baby: 100% Michigan cherry wine. Rich cherry plus a cinnamon/clove spice makes this wine a seasonal favorite. 750ml. $17

Red Currant: Bold, sweet-tart white wine with the flavor of red currants. A unique treat! Great all by itself or blend for a refreshing summer wine cooler. 750ml. $17
Honey Peach: A fan favorite for those who enjoy a sweet wine. Mild and SWEET natural honey and peach flavor in white wine. Serve as dessert or pair with BBQ or pork. 750 ml. $17

Cranberry: A mild sweet-tart flavor perfectly balanced and representative of the cranberry. White wine with cranberry flavor. A different type of cranberry “sauce’ for your turkey dinner. 750ml. $17
Cherry Bomb: A more recent addition to our high alcohol selection (19%). It really is the BOMB! 750ml. $17.00
Pear: Perfectly balanced sweet pear wine, and the most recent addition to the Yooper Winery wine selection (2021). 750 ml. $17
The dry version of the Marquette grape. This is a special batch from local grapes picked in 2022. For dry red lovers. 500ml. $20.00